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Driver Qualification Files (DQF)
Our Driver Qualification File allows for the storage of critical compliance documents in a an electronic folder specifically created for each individual driver. This module can be customized making process, checklists, regulatory updates, notifications, and auditing specific to our clients needs.  A checklist of all requirements for each driver will be listed under each driver's electronic file folder. Documents proving compliance will be scanned and deposited into the driver electronic file folder as proof of compliance. We will provide a baseline of requirements and will leave space available to add client specific business rules. All driver requirements will be verified on a daily basis by an auditor assigned to the program. The auditor will verify that each document deposited into an electronic file folder is accurate and current. It is the auditors primary goal to keep all drivers in a “Green" status. Green indicates normal compliance, yellow (a configurable predetermined time-frame ) will indicate when a checklist item will begin to expire (i.e. 90 day window, 45 day window...etc), and red will indicate expiration or noncompliance. 

Learning Management System (LMS)
Our LMS is a large catalog of professionally produced video content, on-line course scheduling, classroom scheduling, and the ability to reschedule when training is missed and/or becomes past due. Our customized on-line system can also accommodate hands-on classroom/instruction training if needed. 

Hours of Service
We collect and process Hour of Service logs for our clients. We verify driver hours vs. compliance and if there is a problem we notify the responsible manager regarding eligibility to drive. Our HOS is synced with the Driver Qualifications files and initiates training if the driver is a repeat offender. 

Our Customized APP Works With All Droid And I-phone platforms to automatically take a picture of the HOS Log and then automatically upload the file to our HOS Processing Auditor. 

Employment Screening

Drug/Alcohol and Background Services - We provide our clients with an all-inclusive method of conducting background checks and managing regulated and non-regulated drug testing programs.